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1985 Sebring 12 hours, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Porsche 956. It was the first time Porsche had brought their 956 to Sebring and Hans managed to smash the previous pole-setting time by more than 6 seconds!!!
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Silverstone Classic 2014 by Peter Aylward
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Prior Design Widebody Black Edition SL.

I don’t think that’s a black edition. Prior just stuck some sexy guards on an SL
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Turns out a Lancia 037 of all cars took part in round 3 of the 1994 JGTC season, at Fuji Speedway. 
Pardon the low-res photos, but I can’t seem too find much info on it other than the video (the camera which catches a battle with the 037 being lapped starts at 2:12)

Most badass JGTC car ever? Most badass JGTC car ever.
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Countach Drift
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Lamborghini Egoista ‘2013
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This is the Huracan Super Trofeo

611bhp wings-and-slicks V10 racer ditches 4WD safety for rear-drive lunacy. Stig stirs in his lair.

At its launch, the Huracan - Lamborghini’s V10 ‘baby’ successor to the Gallardo - received gentle flack for being a little, well, safe on the styling side. Well, haters, how do you like it now?
This is the Huracan Super Trofeo, the racing version of the Son ofGallardo. Created with the help of Dallara, it’s been cooked up specifically for Lamborghini’s Blancpain Super Trofeo one-make series that currently runs in Asia, Europe and North America.

As you can see, the Huracan’s aerodynamics have been substantially revised for track. There’s a massive watch-out-for-your-ankles chin spoiler and dive plane at the front, flat under-tray and diffuser setup at the rear, and a vast ten-way adjustable rear wing springing from the rear deck.
The combined effect is to make the Huracan look like a prop from the armory of Game of Thrones… and generate enough downforce to vacuum-pack the Lambo the track. Extra grip will come courtesy of bespoke set of Pirellis wrapped around those lightweight rims. [x]
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Zonda 760LH | Lewis Hamilton
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Starring: Porsche 919 Hybrid
 (by Triceratop’s)
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Liberty Walk M3 | LTMW
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Blue Chrome Maserati GranTurismo by Matyas Fulop on Flickr.